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We are a standing order company with FLEXibility!

FlexDirect, LLC delivers farm fresh flowers direct from growers in Ecuador, Colombia, California and Holland direct to your door. The flowers are cut and packed for you each week at the farm and delivered cool chain freight to your door by our delivery staff. FlexDirect’s pricing for cut flowers is much lower than traditional wholesalers and available in small box quantities and mixed boxes.

  • You have the ability to change your standing order
  • You can double most of your standing order at holidays
  • You can place one time special orders for events or weddings

Our prices are the same all year long, the farms are top of the line growers, and we guarantee everything we sell!
It is our pleasure to be of service to your company.

Serving Charlotte NC, Greenville SC, Raleigh NC, Tallahassee FL, New Orleans LA, Jacksonville FL, Charleston SC, Savannah GA,  and Birmingham AL.

"I am very happy with the standing order we have with FlexDirect.  It has allowed me to change my business dramatically and increase my profit margins.  While florists in our area continue to buy all of their weekly product from the bucket trucks, we receive flowers each Monday which are fresher and of a higher quality than anything our competitors are offering.  We are able to offer higher quality flowers at a lower price, which has increased our business and helped us to become the top florist in our area.  The flowers we buy are not available on the bucket trucks, so our customers always know a design that we have made versus our competitors.  The flowers last longer and customers feel that by using our shop they are getting a greater value for their money.  I also love the ability to change the order whenever I want, as my previous weekly order vendor did not permit me that type of flexibility.  Very happy with my rep Adele, she is available whenever I need her and handles any issues promptly. If you want to change your business for the better, FlexDirect is worth a try."