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Holland Flowers

ADELE OLIVER (770) 351-6453

holland flowers
holland flowers
holland flowers

Flowers from Holland are a unique and beautiful addition to your floral design studio.

These flowers are imported directly from Holland and are available in small quantities or larger quantities.  They have become my favorite flowers to sell because they are dependable, desirable and deliciously different.  Flexibility is another plus – they do not have to be on standing order although that is available.  You can let me create a box for you either weekly, bi-weekly or just once a month.  Minimum order is just $100 but average order with approximately 5 different types of flowers runs around $200 or so.
Holland is an auction and prices change weekly and sometimes daily.  You can view everything as they are all pictured and priced on the website.  Flowers from Holland are most always priced by the stem so for example if you see 20 – that is 20 stems – if you see 50 that is 50 stems, etc.  
Why not see for yourself and then let me create a box for you bi-weekly or monthly:
You can also create your own box whenever you want – just let me know if you want to do that as you will need a username name and password for the site.  Sometimes it can be hard to navigate at first so just call me and I can walk you through it.
user name for viewing purposes:   W198
password:  flowers